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The key to successful wealth and prosperity is the appropriate financial planning and management of assets. At The Tax ShopInc., we are dedicated to assisting you in reaching your financial goals through strategic tax and financial planning. We look at empowering ways to serve you in a variety of ways specially designed to your unique personality. Our services include strategic tax and business planning, tax services, accounting services and business consulting. Our clientele range from individuals to corporations in a variety of industries.

The Tax Shop Inc. distinguishes itself from other accounting and tax-consulting providers by customizing our services to the unique characteristics of our clients. We believe in applying innovative solutions to our clients on an individual basis. We recognize there is only one you, and we give you the special attention you deserve. As a result, we differentiate ourselves from the one-size fits all advice and easy answers concept marketed by other firms. After all, your financial needs and future prosperity deserve only the best.

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Robert W. Bartlett
8 Strathearn Avenue Unit 22,
Brampton, Ont. L6T 4L9

905-458-0944 - Office
416-885-3282 - Cell
905-495-9746 - Fax
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